The man, the myth, the colour

The man, the myth, the colour

There is a thing to be said about standing out from the crowd in style. Never one to shy away from distinguishing himself, Julius Caesar was the first to wear a full toga in a very specific colour after two significant conquests: Pompeius at Pharsalus, Cleopatra

Tyrian Purple is a colour derived from certain species of sea snail, and the process of getting to this stunning hue was smelly, unpleasant and very time-consuming, as only a little fluid could be extracted from each gastropod. It made for a luxury shade that only the elite could afford, and none but the emperor himself were allowed to wear in full. 


I must confess I have never really been a fan of purple gemstones until the past year or so. It started with this ethereal lilac sapphire and now we are here: 

I just added this stunning spinel to my collection. It's a fine jewellery quality gem, loupe clear, and oh, the colours in this one! From the deep Tyrian hues described above, to lovely shades of violet and softer mauves.

This is a stone ready to make you shine and stand out. 


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